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The Sweetness of Salt offers massage by appointment only. We kindly ask for 48 hours to cancel any appointment.

Natural salt has been used for hundreds of years to enhance healing. People visited salt caves to find relief from a wide range of health issues. From enhanced breathing to improved skin condition and reduced stress. A Himalayan salt massage can zero out the body’s electromagnetic field, improving mood and physical areas of stress. Our spa may use heated Himalayan salt stones to provide a therapeutic massage with multiple benefits upon request. 

Therapeutic pressure can be strong and deep or relaxing, based on each area of the body. Hot Himalayan stones will be used to balance the body’s negative and positive ions to decrease inflammation. 

A massage with salt stone replenishes trace minerals by absorption through your skin. Rock salt is anti-microbial and helps detoxify and nourish your skin. Your skin will feel more refreshed and lightly exfoliated by the glide of the rounded and smooth salt stones. Heated salt stones combined with therapeutic massage helps the body turn off the stress response and turn on a feeling of relaxation and well being.


A traditional one hour massage is $90

Enjoy a couples massage for $180

Hot Salt Stones may be added for $10

Red Light Therapy may be added for $15

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